2XZ type rotary vane vacuum pump is a two-stage direct connection structure. Its working
performance is composed of high-pressure stage and low-pressure stage. Its suction port is
connected with the vacuum equipment. During operation, a large amount of gas in the container
is sucked in and discharged. When the equipment obtains vacuum, the high-pressure stage
exhaust valve is closed, and the gas at the high-pressure stage inlet will be transferred to the
second stage, and then it will be sucked in and discharged through the second stage vacuum
equipment A certain vacuum can be obtained. The limit vacuum degree of 2XZ type rotary vane
vacuum pump is 6 × 10-2Pa. The pump is connected with the motor, with high speed, small
appearance, compact structure and convenient liquidity. 2XZ series double stage direct oil vane
vacuum pump is the basic equipment used to pump out gas from sealed containers. It can be
used alone or as pre pump of booster pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump, maintenance
pump and titanium pump.
1. Small size, light weight and low noise
2. The equipment is equipped with gas ballast valve, which can pump out a small amount of
water vapor. It is not suitable for the gas with corrosive metal, chemical reaction to pump oil and
particle dust, and the gas with high oxygen content and explosive.
3. The equipment is equipped with automatic anti return check valve, which is easy to start
4. Small caliber (except 2xz-2), with vacuum drying oven
5.2xz-c is a forced oil inlet vacuum pump.

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It can be used in the manufacture of electric vacuum vessel, vacuum welding, printing, plastic
absorption, refrigeration equipment maintenance, instrument equipment matching and
laboratory, etc. It is widely used in food, scientific research, medical treatment, electronics,
chemical industry, medicine, laboratories of colleges and universities, etc.

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2XZ‐1, 2XZ‐15, 2XZ‐2, 2XZ‐25, 2XZ‐30, 2XZ‐4, 2XZ‐6, 2XZ‐8