Ion getter pump PID200 200L/s

PID series Ion pumps :
PID series ion pump operate with a 5 kV. D.C. voltage supplied by a controller which not only powers but also protects the
pump. As the current is in direct relationship with the pressure (see curves), its reading on the controller gives a pressure
measurement. The high voltage connector and the shape of the ceramic insulators of the pumping elements give the lowest
possible electrical leakage currents. A very low stray magnetic field is due to the excellent symmetrical design of the pump.
They are assembled from standards elements and ferrites to supply a very high magnetic field. Bakeout temperature is of
200°C and of 300°C when the ferrites (magnets) are removed.
These pumps incorporate standard components or elements for noble gases:
Standard elements : PID series pumps are assembled from 25l/s elements . They are easily interchangeable and
experience has shown they were the most robust and reliable. The standard element is essentially made with a cathode of
two titanium plates and one anode of stainless steel multi cylinders.
Noble gases elements : Noble gases don’t combine well with titanium, so their pumping speed is reduced. If relatively high
quantities of noble gases have to be pumped the pump must be equipped with special elements called “noble gas
elements”. Their pumping speed on noble gases is then considerably increased.

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The PID serie ion pumps are of the DIODE type to give the best possible ultimate vacuum enhanced by extreme care in
manufacturing with high baking temperatures lowering the Hydrogen residual.
Of U.H.V. design ion pumps secures clean and high vacuum all over the pressure range from 10-3 to 10-12 mbar.
They require no maintenance and start easily. Their are often used in installations permanently kept under vacuum.