The SV series vacuum pump is a single-stage rotary vane oil-sealed vacuum pump
suitable for low and medium vacuum applications, mainly used to remove air and
other dry gases. It is one of the main equipment for low and medium vacuum, it can
be used alone or as a fore pump of other vacuum pumps.
The vacuum pump has the characteristics of reliable running performance, less
wearing parts, low vibration, low noise and high efficiency.
The SV series vacuum pump is imported from foreign advanced technology, and the
key components are imported components or imported materials. The SV series
vacuum pump can completely replace similar foreign products.
l High pumping speed and low working noise, which can be less than 67db
l Strong water vapor extraction capacity
l Environmental protection. The pump is equipped with an oil mist eliminator,
which can remove 99.99% of the oil mist in the exhaust gas
l Compact structure, scientific and reasonable design, light weight, easy to
install in industrial system

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SV-040, SV-063, SV-100, SV-160, SV-200, SV-250, SV-300, SV-630