Cryopump KDCP-16 // 12000 L/s (He)

FEATURES: Oil-free and pollution-free, low-temperature cold plate is used to absorb gas to obtain vacuum.
The gas pumping speed is high, and the exhausting speed is fast.
The operation cost is low, no liquid nitrogen is needed.
Simple operation and high performance.
High reliability, long using period.

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CRYOPUMPS, also known as cryogenic vacuum pump, which is pumped by cryogenic condensation
and cryogenic adsorption. It is an oil free and high vacuum environment acquisition device.
Cryogenic pumps are suitable for environments requiring clean oil-free and fast pumping
ultra-high vacuum circumstances, mainly used in applications such as sputtering coating equipment,
evaporation coating equipment, ion implantation equipment, molecular beam epitaxy
equipment, space simulation device, high energy physics research device, accelerator beam
tube, and ultra-high vacuum devices.